Kingussie residents ‘get in gear’ for the arrival of the REPIC WEEECycle Network Event

Kingussie will play host to REPIC’s WEEE Cycle Network Event as it prepares for the
peloton to pass through on Saturday 3rd June 2023. Local residents will have the opportunity
to get unwanted electricals reused and recycled to support good causes in the Highlands.

To mark the event, Kingussie residents will be offered the opportunity to take advantage of a
temporary pop-up electricals collection, which aims to encourage local residents to declutter
their homes of broken or unwanted household electricals. Residents can bag up their
electricals and bring them for free reuse or recycling to ILM Highland, between 10:30am and
1:00pm on Saturday 3rd June 2023. An ILM Highland van will be located in the school
carpark, near Gynack Gardens. This pop-up collection will also mark the launch of a new
permanent electricals recycling bank on the Market Stance.

Items that ILM Highland is happy to receive on its van during the WEEE amnesty
event include:
 Small Household Appliances, e.g., Kettles, irons, toasters, personal grooming
products such as electric toothbrushes and shavers, hairdryers and straighteners
 IT and Telecommunications Equipment, e.g., PCs, Laptops, Mice, keyboard,
printers/scanners and shredders
 Consumer Equipment e.g., Radios, DVD players, Hifi Systems, musical
instruments and cameras
 Electrical and Electronic Tools, e.g. Sewing machines, electric drills and
electrical screwdrivers and small electrical gardening tools
 Toys, Leisure and Sports Equipment, e.g., Video games, pedometers,
computers and torches

 Large Household Appliances, e.g., Washing machines, electric heating
appliances, cookers, televisions and fridge or freezers
 Gas Discharge Lamps, fluorescent lighting, LED lighting
 Loose Batteries
 NON-WEEE Items e.g., Packaging, furniture, building waste, general waste
Please remember to:
o Bring all items with their cables, chargers and plugs
o If batteries are removable, please take these out prior to disposal and recycle
o Remove any packaging and take items out of bags prior to depositing